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Tim Robbins

Hi there! I'm Timothy Robinson, a 51-year-old male living in Denver, CO, US. As a News Editor for, I bring you the latest and most accurate news stories daily. With my degree from UNT, I've honed my skills in journalism and storytelling to deliver informative and engaging content to our readers. But I'm not just all work and no play. Outside of my career, I have diverse interests and hobbies that bring joy and balance to my life. One of my passions is building custom model trains. I spend countless hours in my garage, immersing myself in the creative process of assembling and detailing the intricate train engines. I also construct scale tracks that accurately represent real-world railway systems, complete with miniatures of American Home Town railroad depots and authentic-looking woodland scenery. You'll often find me exploring the breathtaking mountains and trails around Denver when I'm not in my garage. Hiking is my way of finding solace in the great outdoors, where I can embrace nature's serenity and tranquility. From conquering challenging summits to enjoying a leisurely stroll, hiking provides me with the perfect blend of physical activity and mental rejuvenation. But above all, I value spending quality time with my family. We bond over game nights, embark on exciting road trips, and savor delicious home-cooked meals together. These moments of connection and love create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Through my passion for model trains, love for hiking, and devotion to family, I lead a well-rounded and fulfilling life outside my role as a dedicated News Editor. Stay tuned for more as I explore the news world and share my adventures.

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